Cloverdale Optometric Center

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Office Tour 

We are located in the Cloverdale Marketplace shopping center on the south-west corner of Limonite Ave and Hamer Ave in the sprawling city of Eastvale.  Eastvale is an exploding city in Riverside County sandwiched between Ontario, Mira Loma, Norco, and Chino/Chino Hills.  We are in the suite between Waba Grill and Pita Street.  There's also a Starbucks in front of our suite.

Walk Thru Front Door
Upon entering our office, you'll notice our large vast selection of designer frames organized by brand name/designer as well as style.

Frontdesk/Check-in Counter
Our staff behind the front desk will promptly greet you and ask how they can help you.  If you have an appointment, they'll walk you through filling out patient forms to get you started.  Our goal is total customer delight with minimal waste of your precious time.

Pre-testing Area
Next, as the first step of an eye examination, the patient undergoes a series of three tests in our Pre-test Area.  The first machine measures an approximate prescription if any of the patients eyes.  A second machine then measures the patient's eye pressure for possible Glaucoma.  And lastly, the third machine tests the patient's side or peripheral vision.
Examination Room
After a patient is pre-tested, then he or she is then seen by the Optometrist in the examination room.

Contact Dispensing/Training Area
After the patient is examined by the eye doctor and a prescription is found for corrective lenses, the patient may choose glasses or contacts, or both.  If contacts are chosen, then the patient visits the Contact Dispensing Area to try on contacts or for contacts training if the patient is a first time contact wearer.

Eye Glasses Display & Dispensing Area


If glasses are chosen, then the patient visits the Eye Glasses Dispensing Area to browse our vast selection of designer frames, pick one or more frames, choose lens materials & lens treatments, and then choose accessories.  These written selections are then turned into custom made to order pair or pairs of glasses.  Depending on the patient's vision insurance, prescription, lens, and lens treatments, these built-to-order glasses will be ready anywhere from 1 hour (if made in our onsite state-of-the-art lab -- see below) or 7-10 business days if the job is sent to the vision insurance's labs.



Onsite State-of-the-Art Lab


Our state-of-the-art onsite lab allows our highly-trained staff to make glasses in about 1 hour (depending on vision insurance & prescription), as well as make repair and adjustments in most cases.