Cloverdale Optometric Center

Exceeding customer expectations with value comprehensive eye care...
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About Us
Our mission is in our motto "Exceeding customer expectations with value comprehensive eye care..."
Our customers are priority one.  Clear and comfortable vision is not a luxury, but rather a must for quality of life whether it is a child being able to see clearly the chalkboard at school, or adults being able to see clearly that beautiful panoramic scenic view from their resort balcony.  We combine service, selection, and care to each and every customer.  We truely are your one stop vision solution center!

Company History
Cloverdale Optometric Center was established in June, 2005 in the Cloverdale Marketplace (see Contact Us for map) with the above mission in mind.  The eye doctor moved into this sprawling community of Eastvale in late 2001 early on when it was still mostly dairy farms.  She immediately recognized the need to deliver the same quality professional eyecare service she's been providing for many years in the Los Angeles area.  She is not only your Eastvale eye doctor, but she clearly distinguishes herself from other optometrists in the area in three ways:  1) by being a longtime resident of the community  2) by being genuinely passionate and caring about her patients  3) by being dead serious about giving back to the community.  We are proud to continue our mission of delighting customers with value comprehensive eye care...

We are your one stop Optometry practice for Eastvale, Ontario Ranch, Mira Loma, Norco, Chino, Chino Hills, Corona, Corona Valley, Ontario, Riverside, Dos Lagos and surrounding areas!!!

Customer Testimonials
Here's a sample of what some of our customers are actually saying:
"I love Cloverdale Optometry. Susan [the doctor] is an Eastvale resident. She is really nice, she takes extra care to make sure your prescription is right. She even puts together these 'terminator' (that's what I call them) glasses for you to try on right away to check the prescription. They also have their own lab, so they can have glasses cut same or next day."
"I have been to the Optometrist in the Ralph's center and they were wonderful. I was able to walk in and have my exam within ten minutes. After speaking with the optometrist, I learned that she and her husband also live within our community. They are both extremely nice and very accommodating. If you haven't already, you should go see them."
"I have been to Cloverdale, she [the doctor] is great!!"
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